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  • When you decide to buy a new or second hand sailing or motor boat, your budget, mooring place, number of people in your family, guests, needs, expectations, maintenance expenses of the boat, mooring expenses, technical issues, trading operations, foreign flag operations, survey and There will be many issues such as transfer. If you do not have previous experience in these matters, it is sufficient to contact us in order to make the right decision and not be deceived while buying. When you contact us;
    • First of all, we exchange ideas on many issues such as your budget, how much time you will spend with the boat, your expectation from the boat, your maritime experience, where you live, mooring port, and the flag of the boat.  decide whether the boats you have found are suitable for you and, if necessary, replace them for you.  We conduct market research at home and abroad.
    • As a result of the research, we choose from among the boats we offer to you, perform preliminary surveys, preparation of purchase and sale contracts and survey and decide whether the boat is suitable for purchase.  
    • If everything goes well and we decide to buy the boat, we do the rest of the buying and selling transactions, registration with the Turkish Flag and Turkish ports, or registration with the Foreign Flag and foreign ports. For Comprehensive Boat Insurance, we talk to our partner, get insurance quotes and insure our boat.
    • After all the procedures are completed, we show you all the mechanical parts of the boat you are unfamiliar with, the machine, the sails, the capstan, the chain, the cabinets, the underbeds, wherever you can think of, and let you get to know your boat.  
    • If you wish, we can transfer your boat with our team or with you. We explain the orientation to the boat you need during the transfer and the Basic/Intermediate/advanced Sailing Yachting and Maritime trainings.  
    • While we can do all of these transactions during the buying or selling phase of the boat, we can also assist you at any stage if you wish. For example, we can carry out foreign flag operations of a boat you decide to buy, or we can only do surveys.   
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