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  • During long cruises in the transfer; Do not get tired at sea and do not waste time!
  • Let us safely deliver your boats to your desired destination with our experienced team at affordable prices.
  • Professional boat transfer service is among the services that provide important conveniences that boat owners may need. With the development of amateur maritime and the increase in the number of boats in our country, there is aneed for boat transfer service to be carried out on a professional basis.  became like that. In this direction, we are ready to work with our experienced team to safely transfer your boats. During the transfer, we offer boat owners the opportunity to train on their own boat.
  •    In boat transfers, the crew consists of at least 1 captain and 1 sailor. This figure varies according to the size of the boat andmega yachts  The need for a mechanic also arises. We do not have shortest or long-distance limits for boat transfers. If you wish, we can transfer between two marinas in Istanbul or we can transfer to northern European ports. Of course, transfer by sea ceases to be economical after a certain distance. During the boat transfer, if your boat has valid certificates and has an insurance, the insurance coverage will continue. For the continuation of the insurance coverage, the transfer crew must be equipped with sufficient documents, not expired and the minimum number of personnel required for the boat's navigational needs.
  • Although the pricing of boat transfers is generally per mile; Since the pricing may differ depending on the transfer date, distance and boat delivery time, a separate price offer is prepared for each transfer service. The following expenses, excluding the transfer service, will also be reflected to the boat owner.
    • Transfer of captain and sailors to the boat
    • Return charges of captains and sailors (if required)
    • Staff stores
    • boat fuel
    • Expenses related to marina accommodation (if necessary)
    • Fines imposed by the Coast Guard due to lack of documents and equipment
    • After the boat arrives at the destination port, the food and accommodation expenses are borne by the boat owner until the boat owner takes delivery of the boat.
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