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    First of all, you cannot bring luggage, luggage, etc., that take up a lot of space. Space on boats is very precious. That's why you should bring your stuff with a soft foldable gym bag. Since boat life is much simpler and more comfortable, you should avoid bringing many unnecessary things like going on a normal vacation. The items you bring should be practical, sporty and necessary. The list below will help you with this.
     As a requirement of modern life, many electronic devices have become a part of our lives. Although we advise you to leave them and have a peaceful time, there will be those who want to use them. Electricity on the boat is 12V. Therefore, if you want to charge your devices, you need to buy a car adapter or a cigarette lighter adapter. Even if you bring 220V adapters that you use at home, you cannot use them. 220V is only available in some land-connected places.
    A waterproof waist bag in which you can keep things such as passport, credit card, currency, insurance will be useful.
     Seasickness is a condition that can sometimes happen even to experienced sailors. If you are not sure, bringing quality sea sickness medicine will make you enjoy the trip much more.
  1. 2 hats (usually 1 of them always flies into the sea)
  2. sunglasses
  3. comfortable pants and shorts
  4. short sleeve t-shirt
  5. Long sleeve t-shirt (for sun protection while cruising)
  6. White sneakers or a clean bottom rubber shoe
  7. Fleece or wool sweater
  8. Windbreaker (not too thick coat)
  9. Laundry and socks
  10. Swimsuit and sea towel
  11. Shampoo
  12. Sunscreen and lip balm (15-30 protection)
  13. Spare shorts, socks and underwear
  14. Your special medicines
  15. A sleeping bag or pike if you like to sleep on the deck
    (Clean pillows, sheets and pillowcases, piques are provided for each trip in the cabins.)
  16. sailing glove
  17. Slippers (required in marinas)
  18. rope for sunglasses
  19. Hygienic kit (Toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving kit...)
  20. CD, book, magazine
  21. Food: Participants will shop together.
We recommend that you bring only your very specific food needs.
  1. Hat, Wool Beret
  2. sunglasses
  3. a comfortable trousers
  4. White sneakers or a clean bottom rubber shoe
  5. Boots or waterproof shoes in rainy weather
  6. Fleece or wool sweater
  7. Thick waterproof coat.
  8. Waterproof jumpsuit trousers (not required, if any)
  9. Spare pants, sweaters, socks and underwear
  10. Sailing Gloves
  11. lip balm
  12. Your special medicines
  13. A sandwich for lunch is an apple or a banana.
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