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  • Old City Sailing does not only provide sailing yachting and maritime training, but also people who have bought their own motor yachts on their own boats .  Provides Usage and Maritime training.
  • These trainings include a motor yacht in our fleet.  Since there are no motor yachts for rent,  can be done with However, due to the high rental costs and the fact that each boat has different navigation/maneuver equipment, these trainings are preferably given to people on their own boats, or after owning a boat if they do not have a boat.
  • Trainings  It takes a minimum of 12 hours, and the time can be extended according to the wishes and needs of the people. All of the trainings are done practically on the boat at sea.  
  • The main topics to be covered in the trainings are;
    • Boat structural elements
    • Basic nautical terms  
    • Ropes and ties
    • Factors affecting maneuver  
    • safety at sea
    • simple meteorology  
    • Conflict prevention at sea  
    • Main machine, generator, air conditioner etc. hardware usage  
    • Fore and aft propellers, flaps, trim adjustment, poddrive  etc. equipment
    • Navigation electronics, AIS, Radar operation and simple navigation
    • man overboard maneuver
    • Mooring, Leaving, Berthing maneuvers
    • VHF radio use  
    • stern-to-land attachment
    • night view
    • Boating in choppy sea conditions
  • At the end of the training, it is expected that the student will be able to successfully leave and dock maneuvers, make coastal navigation with basic navigation, anchor and anchor from the stern, have a clear knowledge of the safety at sea and the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea. The boat must be able to recognize and use the main engine and auxiliary equipment.
  • After the trainings to be made with coastal cruises, long distance, planning, navigation and navigation information trainings can also be completed by cruising between ports, depending on the request of the person.
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