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  • On your own sailing or motor boat, in Turkey and all over the world, summer and winter  Without saying anything, you can get experience and gain experience in Sailing Yachting and Marine, Motor Yachting and Maritime or subjects you feel lacking, from Old City Sailing instructors.  
  • Old City Sailing, while buying your own boat, with all its experience at every moment of the buying and selling stage.  It will help you get to know your boat better, see the limits of your boat, and maybe get rid of the shyness of using a new boat, by giving you basic, intermediate and advanced training at the desired route, at any time interval, after you buy your boat, just like with you.
  • In addition, you may have your own boat and sufficient experience, but you may be hesitant to explore new places or make long cruises. In this case, Old City Sailing Turkey coasts, Greek Islands and  With its long years of experience on the Croatian coast, it will guide you, accompany you on long cruises and safely transport your boat to the place you want to go.
  • Sailing Yachting and Maritime trainings are given in the curriculum of the Sailing Federation TUYEP (Turkey Sailing Training Program). Trainings; theoretical and practical  It takes 36 hours in total.
  • The main topics to be covered in the training programs are;
    •   Marine                                          
    • boat sections
    • Meteorology
    • Safety and security materials
    • Use of main machines, auxiliary machines, various equipment (water maker, generator, etc.)
    • Navigation and navigation, electronic navigation aids
    • Rules for avoiding conflict at sea
    • VHF use
    • Maritime culture and life at sea
    • Engine course and maneuvers
    • Rigging and hardware
    • Parts of the sail, sailing courses, maneuvers
    • Ropes, ties
    • Man overboard maneuvers
    • Departure, berthing, mooring, stern mooring
    • Boat, engine use
    • Engine, mechanical, electrical and simple diagnostics
    • night view
    • Inclement weather and storm tactics
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